According to the project managers and field supervisors at the Scalo Companies, the key to a happy customer can be a number of things, but they seem to have one thing in common: taking care of the customer. 
Tom Gample, Scalo Companies Residential Division manager said, “I feel a customer is happy when you excel at the things that they can relate to like good communicationclean up and doing what you say you’re going to do.
“They don’t usually know the technical side to our work but they do understand having a clean yard and talking to them,” he continued.
Just showing the customer you care is the biggest thing,” said Field Supervisor Dave Janosko.
Tom also said that another thing that a customer receives is an Online Project Management Report (OPM report) of their project from MasterKey, the website that allows a customer to review the projects from start to finish.
Bill Harris, another field supervisor at Burns and Scalo, said that the reports have come in handy a lot. “A customer of ours  as quick to point out that the OPM reports, as well as our quality workmanship, were a key for us in future endeavors for work on several rental properties owned by her and her husband.
“They truly like the idea of bringing the progress of the project to them without having to be on site,” he continued.