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Vegetative Green Roofs not only add to the aesthetics of the building, but they also provide numerous benefits for building owners and the environment. From extending roof life to reducing the “heat island effect,” green roofs have proven to be a sustainable enhancement for any rooftop.

Green roofs make sense for business owners because they enhance the energy performance of a building through its inherent insulation characteristics. In addition, vegetative green roof systems have shown to extend the lifespan of a roof membrane by minimizing the effects of extreme temperatures and UV exposure. Buildings with green roofs also have a higher property value vs. buildings with traditional roof systems. Certain green roofs can also qualify for LEED credits and can help a building owner qualify for various tax incentives, by having a dedicated green space on their roof.

Green Roofs have a positive impact on the environment and society. By reducing the radiant temperature of a roof surface, Vegetative Green Roofs can decrease the “urban heat island effect”, reducing the ambient air temperature in cities. Additionally, the water absorption characteristics of Green Roofs can decrease, or eliminate, stormwater runoff from a building. This protects rivers and streams from pollutants. Burns & Scalo is able to design a Vegetative Green Roof Assembly that is not only aesthetically pleasing but will protect your building for many years. To maximize protection, our skilled Roofing Specialists are able to install a vector based leak detection system to identify rare but potential leaks.

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