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Looking for a solar option for your home?  We partner with Scalo Solar to help homeowners gain energy independence.  Due to federal tax credits, a solar system can be a great long-term investment for your home that can free you from fluctuating electric bills.

Why should I choose solar for my roof?

Installing a solar system on your roof is more affordable than ever.  A solar system can work in any climate as long as the sun is shining – even in Pittsburgh.  They can provide great long-term savings for your property, lower your electric bill, and help you gain your energy independence.  Most solar systems we install are grid-tied, meaning that they are connected to the current electrical grid and not a battery system.  When you are producing excess energy from your solar system, you will contribute energy to the grid and your meter will actually spin backwards!


What else should I know about solar for my roof?

Solar is a long term financial endeavor.  There is an upfront cost that includes installation, but you will OWN your system after installation unlike other companies.  Solar is not suitable for all homes. In Pittsburgh, solar does best with a pitched roof between 15-25 degrees with exposure to the southern sky.  Homeowners installing solar should not expect to have a solar system completely replace their grid use but can offset their usage significantly depending on the size of the array.


Looking to learn more about solar for your home? Contact Scalo Solar for more information.

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