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We’ve teamed up with Pella® to offer our homeowners the #1 rated window brand in Pittsburgh.

What are some signs we may need new windows?

  • Energy bills are abnormally high
  • Difficult to open/operate. 
  • Damage by water, insects, or other factors. 
  • Fogging in between the glass obscures your view. 


What material is right for my home?

Materials for windows usually come in three options: Fiberglass, wood, and vinyl.  Each material offers its own benefits and look that can complement your home.

Fiberglass is the strongest material used in windows and doors today. Pella’s high-quality baked-on powder-coat finish can keep your windows looking brand new for years to come. 

Wood windows provide natural beauty and warmth with topofthe line thermal performance.

Pella’s Lifestyle Wood windows have a great range of flexible options, such as their triple pane integrated blinds system that allows for the privacy of blinds with the swipe of a tab.

Vinyl provides an affordable option that is durable and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Just like your roof, windows are an integral part of your home’s aesthetic.  Burns & Scalo can be your sole resource for both your roof/window renovation project or we can guide your window project without roofing.


At Burns & Scalo, we offer a free roof inspection as well as a window consultation to ensure your home is air-tight, dry, and ready for another Pittsburgh season.


Talk to a Roofing Specialist