Daylighting & Skylights

The Advantages of Daylighting Products

The largest benefit from integrating skylights into your roof is the energy savings they create. On average, approximately 40% of a building’s energy is used by interior ligting fixtures, this is where skylights can significantly decrease your monthly utility bills. A reduction in energy usage also translates to an increase in environmental sustainability for your building. Daylights will significantly reduce your facility’s carbon footprint.

See the Energy Savings with SkyCalc ™

See the impact on your energy bill before installing daylighting. Burns & Scalo Roofing Specialists are able to create a comprehensive report using SkyCalc ™- an advanced software tool designed to help building owners determine the optimum daylighting strategy.

The software produces a number of tangible graphics including a photometric footprint of the space to be daylit and a table demonstrating the energy savings to be captured by allowing natural daylight to replace the electric lighting in the daylit area.

Additional Benefits Created from Daylighting

There have also been several research studies that shown that daylighting can have a positive impact on human behavior. They can increase sales in a retail facility, enhance employee productivity, and increase student performance in an educational facility.

Advanced Daylighting

Burns & Scalo also offers a suite of unique daylighting products. Ciralight’s SunTracker ™ Skylights use a state-of-the-art Solar-Powered GPS Controller to track the sun all day. The sunlight is then reflected by a Mirror Array, transmitted down a highly reflective Lightwell, and into the building interior through a prismatic Diffusion Lens behind the ceiling to effectively distribute daylight all throughout the space.

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